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About Sterling times.

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The licensing of music on the internet in the UK with quotation from PRS

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Very British Memorable Images [sequenced pages]

Very British! Memorable Images Introduction: A - Z Index

Very British! Memorable Images 1: From the Wolf Cubs "The Grand Howl" and British Telecom's"Buzby"

Very British! Memorable Images 2: Nipper and His Master's Voice

Very British! Memorable Images 3: "The Beano Comic", "The Magnet" with Billy Bunter, and "Pip, Squeak and Wilfred"

Very British! Memorable Images 4: The Eagle Comic with Dan Dare, the Mekon, and Harris Tweed

Very British! Memorable Images 5: Chocolate and Sweet Nostalgia - Fry's, Cadbury's and Blue Bird

Very British! Memorable Images 6: "Jennings and Derbishire" by Anthony Buckeridge, and "Just William" by Richmal Crompton

Very British! - Memorable Images 7: Ovaltineys, Sambo, Muffin - some crosslinking to other Sterlingtimes pages

Very British! - Memorable Images 8: Guy Fawkes' Night and fireworks

Very British! - Memorable Images 9: Toys. John Bull printing oufit, Mamod steam engines and meccano

Very British! - Memorable Images 10: The Bulldog Breed. Stella Matthews traces the origins of two of our nation's most potent and endearing symbols - John Bull and the British Bulldog and The Bulldog Breed - continuation of text from above

Very British! - Memorable Images 11: Stephen Lowe writes about the part his late father Arthur Lowe, who played Captain Mainwaring in the long-running Dad's Armycomedy series, actually played in the Second World war. * Continuation page 1. * Continuation page 1.

Very British! - Memorable Images 12 - Votz Zo Funny. The United Kingdom has had to give Germany a good spanking on several occasions.And now here they are complaining about our advertisements for beer - see below. Here we see a few fun images of British humour.

Very British - Memorable Images 13 - The figure of Britannia. Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee - the greatest celebration of the British Empire

Very British! - Memorable Images 14 - The Lion and the Unicorn. The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown

Very British! - Memorable Images 15 - Sir Edward Elgar. Edward Elgar was arguably the leading English composer of his generation and a significant figure among late Romantic European musicians

Very British! - Memorable Images 16 - British Flags

Very British! - Memorable Image 17 - Pounds Sterling. The day we lost pounds, shilling and sense. How it once added up

Very British! - Memorable Images 18 - Spitfire

Very British! - Memorable Images 19 - The British Empire. "Buy Empire Good from Home and Overseas". Empire Map from Empire Marketing Board 1926 to promote trade with Colonies and Dominions and encourage British people to buy Empire goods

Very British! - Memorable Images 20 - The Roast Beef of Old England. When Mighty Roast Beef was the Englishman's Food, It ennobl'd our veins and enriched our Blood: Our Soldiers were Brave and our Courtiers were Good: Oh! The Roast Beef of Old England, And Old English Roast Beef

Very British! - Memorable Images 21 - Foxhunting

Very British! - Memorable Images 22 - Nursery Rhymes. Nursery rhymes (or as they came to be known in the United States-"Mother Goose" rhymes) are part of the oral tradition-most cannot be dated with any certainty. Like fairy tales and folk tales, many are centuries old.

Very British! - Memorable Images 23 - Saint George and the Dragon * Will the Real saint Geogre Stand Up?

Very British! - Memorable Images 24 - Common Ma\rket or Bust? I chose bust!

Very British! - Memorable Images 25 - Post Office Tower. The British Telecommunication Tower is located in the heart of the old City of London surrounded by famous buildings like Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and St. Paul's Cathedral * Post Office Tower continued

Very British! - Memorable Images 26 - The decline and fall of the middle class and how it is fighting back

Very British! - Memorable Images 27 - Possibly the most famous clock face and chimes in the world. BIG BEN is actually the name of the largest bell inside The Clock Tower which forms part of the HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT. The accuracy of the clock movement is controlled by placing of old pennies in the mechanism

Very British! - Memorable Images 28 - Sir Winston Churchill

Very British! - Memorable Images 29 - The Black and White Minstrel Show and the history of minstrels

Very British! - Memorable Images 30 - The BBC "Sounds then... " Part 1 * Sounds then..." Part 2

Very British! - Memorable Images 31 - Bowler Hat Heroes

Very British! - Memorable Images 32 - George Morland's works

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Morland_Index_Page _ William Redmore Bigg

Very British! - Memorable Images 33 - I'm Backing Britain

Very British! - Memorable Images 34 - Fish and Chips

Very British! - Memorable Images 35 - John Peel

Very British! - Memorable Images 36 - The English Language

Very British! - Memorable Images 37 - Police

Very British! - Memorable Images 38 - Land's End to John O'Groats

Very British! - Memorable Images 39 - Seaside and Piers

Very British! - Memorable Images 40 - Beatric Potter

Very British! - Memorable Images 41 - Meriden and the Cardinal Points of Great Britain

Very British! - Memorable Images 42 - Tradional Counties of Great Britain

Very British! - Memorable Images 43 - Shakespeare and Stratford

Very British! - Memorable Images 44 - Cricket

Very British! - Memorable Images 45 - Openair Museums

Very British! - Memorable Images 46 - The Queen

Very British! - Memorable Images 47 - I'm a British Bulldog - not a Brussels Sprout

Very British! - Memorable Images 48 - The Englishman

Very British! - Memorable Images 49 - Enoch Powell

Very British! - Memorable Images 50 - The Little People of British Advertising

Very British! - Memorable Images 51 - Children's Clubs - "Free Trips for NigNogs"

Very British - Memorable Images 52 - British Calendar

Very British - Memorable Images 53 - Your Country Needs You

Very British - Memorable Images 54 - British Patriotic Tunes

Very British - Memorable Images 55 - The Concorde

Very British - Memorable Images 56 - Great British Achievements - Heroes

Very British - Memorable Images 57 - British Horses Part 1

Very British - Memorable Images 58 - Great British Artists

Very British - Memorable Images 59 - British Telephones

Very British - Memorable Images 60 - British Bridges

Very British - Memorable Images 61 - The British Stiff Upper Lip

Very British - Memorable Images 62 - The Royal Mail

Very British - Memorable Images 63 - Rebranding and Cultural Destruction

Very British - Memorable Images 64 - Classic Children's Tales

Very British - Memorable Images 65 - Nationa Flowers of Britain

Very British - Memorable Images 66 - British Shoes and Boots

Very British - Memorable Images 67 - Ten Miles from SterlingTimes HQ

Very British - Memorable Images 68 - The Anglosphere

Very British - Memorable Images 69 - British Dogs

Very British - Memorable Images 70 - School Boys and SAchool Girls

Very British - Memorable Images 71 - Britain Protected

Very British - Memorable Images 72 - Chich Tramway Museum I

Very British - Memorable Images 73 - Chrich Tramway Museum II

Television [sequenced pages]

Television Nostalgia Entry Page - with a nice little Tony Hancock "video" for all to see.

Television Nostalgia 1 - Bill & Ben the Flowerpot Men, Muffin the Mule and more nostalgia.

Television Nostalgia 2 - Brum, the little car from Bourton-on-the-Water, the Singing Ringing Tree, and the Teletubbies who live near Stratford.

Television Nostalgia 3 - Thomas the Tank Engine and wanted items.

Television Nostalgia 4 - Pinky & Perky, Tingha & Tucker, and Portland Bill.

Television Nostalgia 5 - visual images of early sixties' television.

Television Nostalgia 6 - visual images of early sixties' television.

Television Nostalgia 7 - "Tales from Europe" _ The Singing Ringing Tree _ The Tinerbox _ Snow White _ Rumpelstiltskin

Television Nostalgia 8 - Bleep and Booster

Television Miscellaneous

Television Midi Files

Torchy the Battery Boy Page - pictures of Torchy and his friends.

Muffin the Mule - pictures of Muffin and a useful Real Video link to the BBC.

Bill, Ben, Weed and Andy Pandy - nice picture and some really silly flob-a-dob sounds.

Portland Bill - a couple of Portland Bill pictures from the video cassette.

"Flobadob the Sequel" - about the return of Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men - clippings from the Daily Mail

Tingha and Tucker Club Annual 1969

Tingha and Tucker Club Rules

Tingha and Tucker Club Song

Radio and Television Theme Tunes [sequenced pages]

Radio and Television Music Themes Introduction section index - with picture of old vinyl theme tune record covers.

Radio and Television Music Themes 01 - Favourite TV Themes - with Black Beauty and Upstairs Downstairs.

Radio and Television Music Themes 1 - Great British Experience - a collection of old BBC radio theme tunes.

Radio and Television Music Themes 2 - This is Henry Hall and the BBC Dance Orchestra - includes the record, "Radio Times".

Radio and Television Music Themes 3 - This is the return to cult fiction - with the themes of "Snowy White Horse" and "Vision On".

Radio and Television Music Themes 4 - We love the pirate satations - Themes of Radio Caroline, Radio Nordsee, and We Love the Pirate Stations.

Radio and Television Music Themes 5 - 75 Years of the BBC - from 2LO to Radio 5 Live.

Radio and Television Music Themes 6 - The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe - the 1964 television series.

Radio and Television Music Themes 7 - The Avengers and other top sixties television themes - with "Who do you Think you are Kidding Mr Hitler" and "Steptoe & Son".

Radio and Television Music Themes 8 - Battlestar Galactica: A-Z of fantasy themes: Fireball XL5, Singray, Doctor Who.

Radio and Television Music Themes 9 - Radio Luxembourg theme - some remarkable early theme tunes - "Tune-In" and "Bonjour les Amis".

Radio and Television Music Themes 10 - Songs of "The Ovaltineys" and other War Zone hits.

Radio and Television Music Themes 11 - Radio Days British 30s Radio - I have this CD on order - too good to miss for British radio fans.

Radio and Television Music Themes 12 - Music of the 20th Century 1900 - 1939 - with the early radio-related song by Flotam & Jetsam - "Little Betty Bouncer loves an announcer down at the BBC".

Radio and Television Music Themes 13 - The Best of Monte Rey - Uncle Monte, the "Spannish" tenor from Scotland, appeared with the Ovaltineys.

Radio and Television Music Themes 14 - 500 British TV theme tunes available from The Music Factory - a huge checklist of 500 TV themes just in case you have any missing in your collection.

Radio and Television Music Themes 15 - Index of TV theme clips that are available on the Internet. There are still record clips available on the Internet if you know where to look.

Radio and Television Music Themes 16 - Children's TV Themes available on video

Radio and Television Music Themes 17 - More Children's TV Themes available on video

Radio and Television Music Themes 18 - More videos still available: Sir Prancelot, Belle et Sebastien, and Tales from Europe

Radio and Television Music Themes 19 - BBC World of Sound with an excellent and unusual selection of radio and TV themes. Includes "Radio Newsreel"

Radio and Television Music Themes 20 - BBC theme tunes - for instance, the BBC Radio 4 opening theme.

Radio and Television Music Themes 21 - Cult show top themes

Radio and Television Music Themes 22 - Theme tune collection at SterlingTimes


Introduction to SterlingTimes radio pages


Radio Normandy

Radio Normandy Photoset

"The First Pirate" - The story of Captain L.F. Plugge and Radio Normandy. Documentary in Emblaze Audio.

Radio Luxembourg

Radio Enoch

Pirate Radio

Radio Times

Remember the Enemy is Listening

Pages about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 1 - These pages record some of the history of the early English-language sponsored or commercial stations that transmitted to the United Kingdom during the 1930s

Pages about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 2 -This might be described as an early DX-pedition from the "Radio Pictorial" May 3, 1935 Number 68. The picture is of the NBC Studios. "Across the Atlantic with a Portable" by Frank Lamping

Pages about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 3 - Programme Schedule for Radio Cote D'Azur from Juan Les Pins for Sunday May 5 1935. Also IBC shortwave Empire Transmissions

Pages about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 4. Referral to aThis wonderful French site covers Radio Lyon and Radio Poste Parisiene that both transmitted to England with sponsored programming

Pages about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 5 - About Captain Plugge and Radio International

Page about the 1930s sponsored English language sations in Europe 6 - Early DXing

Page about "Doing the Continental". Continental radio in the 1930s

Page about "Plugged into Radio". About Captain Plugge.

Early BBC Radio Announcers

Page about shortwave reception in the 1930s

Radio Jolly Roger - The story of pirate radio in Birmingham

Radio Announcers

Vintage Music [sequenced pages]

Sterling Music 1 - Introduction and Index

Sterling Music 2 - English Country Garden - wonderful English songs - the very best!

Sterling Music 3 - 49 Golden Treasures - early recorded music including, "The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo" with Charles Coborn.

Sterling Music 4 - "Laugh, laugh, laugh!" - An Anthology of American Comdey including, "The Pig got up and slowly walked away"

Sterling Music 5 - Casablanca Steps - Crazy Words, Crazy Tunes

Sterling Music 6 - There'll always be an England

Sterling Music 7- I am the naughty Lola - Marlene Dietrich

Sterling Music 8 - Tiny Tim - Tiptoe through the tulips resurrection

Sterling Music 8a - Animal crackers in my soup

Sterling Music 9 - "Home in Pasadena"

Sterling Music 10 - By Jingo It's British Rubbish

Sterling Music 11 - Pennies from Heaven

Sterling Music 12 - The Wibbly Wobbly Walk

Sterling Music 13 - The Charleston Era

Sterling Music 14 - Sing a Song of England - Flotsam and Jetsam

Sterling Music 15 - Laurel and Hardy

Sterling Music 16 - Fiddle Faddle

Sterling Music 17 - Sing a Song of England

Sterling Music 18 - The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Cornology

Sterling Music 19 - The Golden Years

Sterling Music 20 - Lili Marlene

Sterling Music 21 - We'll Still Sing Rule Britannia by Dave the Plumber

Children's Music

Hello Children Everywhere - Classic Children's Records

Children's Records Page 2 - Featuring - The sun has got his hat on, Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a bear, Rosemary Clooney records, Three wheels on my wagon, Champion the wonder horse, application of Napster, The wedding of the painted doll.

Children's Records Page 3 - Teddy Bears' Picnic

Children's Records Page 4 - Mole in a Hole - the Southlanders

Children's Records Page 5 - Mairzy Doats

Children's Records Page 6 - Daddy's taking me to the zoo tomorrow

Children's Records Page 7 - The Magic Toy Shop - La Boutique Fantasque - The Magic Toy Shop - La Boutique Fantasque

Children's Records Page 8 - Disney Records * Records: Dreams Come True * The Walt Disney Story 1 * Records: Disney Favourites * The Walt Disney Story 2 * Records: Walt Disney Classics * The Walt Disney Story 3 * Records:Aventureland * The Walt Disney Story 4 * Records:Disneyland Characters * The Walt Disney Story 5 * Records: Mickey Mouse & Friends * The Walt Disney Story 6

Children's Records Page 9 - Junior Choice, Ed Stewart (Stewpot), Morningtown Ride, Crackerjack, Milly Molly Mandy and Glyn Pool

Children's Records Page 10 - Professor Branestawm

Children's Records Page 11 - Puff the Magic Dragon

Children's Records Page 12 - Uncle Mac Part 1

Children's Records Page 13 - Uncle Mac Part 2

Children's Records Page 14 - Uncle Mac Part 3

Children's Records Page 15 - Listen With Mother

Vintage Children's Record Sources - Classic Children's Records

Children's Record Selection - a resource for finding some classic children's records graphical view of children's record sources with pictures of CD front covers

Emblaze - temporarily suspended!

Books and Stories

Sterling Books 01 - "Yesterday's Shopping - The Army & Navy Stores Catalgoue 1907 - A Facsimile of the Army & Navy's 1907 issue of the Rules of the Society and Price List of Articles Sold at the Store"

Sterling Books 02 - What's on the Box? by David Lazell, Yesterday's Britain, Remember When

My son Oliver, aged three at the time of his writing this webpage, had a singing toothbrush - see it and hear it here

The Story of Little Black Samo by Helen Bannerman

The Story of Little Kettle-head by Helen Bannerman

The Story of Little Kettle-head by Helen Bannerman (new full story)

Pat and the Spider by Hlene Bannerman

Little White Squibba versus Little Black Sambo

Other Books by Helen Bannerman

Epaminondas and His Auntie

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Troll Waiting Under the Bridge

Lonely Hearts for Trolls

Bill and Ben Story


Dick and Dora

Catalogue of Children's Books 1907

"Toe by Toe" - a superb scheme for teaching childrento read



Lousy Companies

Gadgets - coming soon - my favourite gadgets


Yesterday's Shopping

Yesterday's Shopping

The "Witch" Dust Extractor

The Aspirator Air Suction Cleaning Machine

The "Atom" Suction Cleaning Machine

The Low-Vaccum Pneumatic Dust Extractor

Equestrian Shopping - Tack 0

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Sterling Pictures

Sterling pictures from Sterling times - more pictures to add here in due course.

Wallace & Gromit: Crackers in Space

The Post Office Tower in London

British and Colonial Flags

Empire Calendar

Rag, Tag, and Bobtail from Watch with Mother

British Bulldog

Frightening Troll


Ovaltine - a collection of Ovaltineys, memorabilia

The Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys: Introduction

The Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys: 1 - Front cover and dire warning

The Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys: 2 - Membership Badge

The Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys: 3 - Letter from the Chief Ovaltiney

The Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys: 4 - Seven things that every member must promise to do

The Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys: 5 - Secret signs and signals of The League

The Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys: 6 Secret signs and signals continued

The Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys: 7 - The Ovaltineys' Secret Code

The Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys: 8 - Membership Certificate

Sheet Music for "We are the Ovaltineys"

Sheet Music for "The Ovaltineys Say Goodbye"

Good News for Ovaltineys

Ovaltineys' Long Play (LP) Record) - 1

Ovaltineys' Long Play (LP) Record) - 2

Ovaltineys:An article appears in the Spring 2001 edition of Evergreen Magazine about "The Ovaltineys". An advertisment is presented at the end of the article promoting the CD (or cassette), "We are the Ovaltineys"

Ovaltineys' Programme in Emblze Audio from 24 January 1937 - run time 30 minutes

The Ovaltiners Club and sheet music for club record

The Ovaltiners Club Record

Politically Incorrect [sequenced pages]

Politically Incorrect - Intodduction - Golly versus Mr Sparks and the patriotic apron for women.

Politically Incorrect - 1 - many politically incorrect images and a list of things that have been banned in the UK.

Politically Incorrect - 2 - "Nipper" and His Master's Voice.

Politically Incorrect - 3 - Kipling and Rhodes, the banning of our childhood heroes, and punka wallahs.

Politically Incorrect - 4 - "Self-defence is no offence" - Tony Martin, the English farmer - imprisoned for life for defending his home.

Politically Incorrect - 5 - Rupert on Coon Island, and Golliwoggs with naughty names.

Politically Incorrect - 6 - imperial crime, the hand of the heavy-handed socialist state on those who will persist in using imperial weights and measures; they won't give an inch.

Politically Incorrect 7 - gay-Par-ie, Enoch Powell's foxhunting. the politically correct Little Red Riding Hood, politically incorrect music, and the banned words of our National Anthem.

Politically Incorrect 8 - Johnny Seven and Civil War news Cards

Politically Incorrect 9 - The Environment Page

Politically Incorrect 10 - Constuction in progress

Politically Incorrect Miscellaneous

A-Z of Englishness.

Images of Empire 1

Images of Empire 2

Gotcha 1 - reporting by The Sun of the sinking of the General Belgrano.

Gotcha 2 - General Belgrano.

Enoch Powell: Rivers of Blood Poster

Enoch Powell speaks about Europe

Enoch Powell: Rivers of Blood Press Cuttings

Patriotic Links

Funny picture of Tony Blair from "The Mirror" during the petrol crisis

The Last Great Briton: Margaret Thatcher.

Save Our Golliwogs!

Racist golliwog toy makes a comeback

Cagnes [sequenced pages]

Cagnes Introduction - The English site about this wonderful medieval village in France

Cagnes 1 - Map of Hault de Cagnes and painting of the Ch�teau

Cagnes 2 - Mont�e de la Bourgade - Haut de Cagnes

Cagnes 3 - 1953 postcards of Haut de Cagnes

Cagnes 4 - Photographic tour of Haut de Cagnes

Cagnes 5 - Pierre-Auguste Renoir. A Church at Cagnes. 1905. Oil on canvas. Private collection

Cagnes 6 - F�te M�di�vale at Haut de Cagnes (1) : 6 August 2000

Cagnes 7 - F�te M�di�vale at Haut de Cagnes (2) : 6 August 2000

Cagnes 8 - F�te M�di�vale at Haut de Cagnes (3) : 6 August 2000

Cagnes 9 - Haut de Cagnes : Vue g�n�rale pris de la Route Vence

Cagnes 10 - Chapell Notre Dame de Protection - painted by Salter circa 1910

Cagnes 11 - Other Postcards of Cagnes

Cagnes 12 - Cagnes Fortin M�di�val. Plan Promenade, �dite par les Amis du Vieux Cagnes * Larger plan

Cagnes - Streetmap

Boris Smirnoff - Artist of Haut de Cagnes

Favourite Software [sequenced pages]

Favourite Software 1.

Favourite Software 2.

Favourite Software 3.

Favourite Software 4

Favourite Software 4


Stephen Lewis' Genealogy Page

Lewis Family Tree

A selection of family photographs

Bedgebury Park, Isaac Lewis' home in Kent

Bedgebury Park 2, Isaac Lewis' home in Kent

Leeuwenhof, Isaac Lewis' home in Cape Town

Watercolour painting of Leeuwenhof



Lewis Press Cuttings Index

About Neustadt in Lithuania

Lewis Family Press Cuttings - Isaac Lewis History
















Vintage Cars

Vintage and veteran cars 1 - a few of the cars belonging the the Lewis and Duveen families

Vintage and veteran cars 2 - a few of the cars belonging the the Lewis and Duveen families


Our Horses. My wife and I are keen riders and now own four horses.

My Horse: The Smuggler - saddly kicked by another horse during July 2000 and had to be destroyed. He was 17 hands 2 inches high. A hand is four inches (probably an illegal unit of measurement in the UK).


Saddam Hussein Game

"Best of British" Magazine

Best of British Magazine - Proud to be old fashioned.

Best of British Magazine - how to subscribe.

The Morris Oxford

If the shoe fits

Ring Out the Old


November 1999 Newsletter

December 1999 Newsletter

January 2000 Newsletter

February 2000 Newsletter

April 2000 Newsletter

May 2000 Newsletter

June/July 2000 Newsletter

August 2000 Newsletter

September 2000 Newsletter

November 2000 Newsletter

February 2001 Newsletter